Website Design Services

Are you reluctant to give out your web address?

The chances are that you need a Black Culm website then.

We believe that your website is a critical tool for marketing your business or spreading your message to the world, and that in this day and age it is fast becoming the first place people will look if they are interested in your business. It enables the user to gather vital information about your services which means that the enquiries you receive will be of a higher quality. This information can be as detailed as you wish, but sometimes all the user is looking for is some general information to see if they are in the right place, or a map to find you, or a phone number or email address or your fax number. Does your website have these basic features?

A user can be put off in seconds, and with the thousands of other sites that they have found in Google, they are more than happy to simply move on to the next one on the list. A site can be too complicated to use, look amateurish, be over designed to the point of being unusable, the news items could be months or even years out of date or it could just be too slow. It won't bother the user, they'll just take their business elsewhere.

At Black Culm we believe all of our websites should be:

  • Designed to look inviting and beautiful
  • Quick to load
  • Easy to use, really easy to use, so simple to use that help files would be insulting
  • Full of well written, informative text
  • Optimised for search engines to ensure that the site can be found
  • Regularly updated to keep the site fresh

We don't think that this is too much to demand. Well designed and image rich does not mean sluggish when websites are built well and optimised correctly, and we have seen too many websites which have been so over designed that they become completely unusable, which drives us to create more and more intuitive interfaces for our websites.

We will follow the whole lifecycle of your website if required, from conception, choosing a domain, ensuring maximum uptime, advising on further updates to setting up your emails on Outlook Express. We can completely update an existing site or integrate some of our many interactive features into your site seamlessly including the e-Commerce module.

Our range of services

  • Website and intranet design and creation
  • Dynamic, database driven interactive content
  • Membership / subscription only website content
  • Web hosting & email accounts
  • Domain name research, recommendation and registration
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Pick and choose elements for your site from our interactive modules
  • Website marketing strategies
  • Fully compatible with the e-Commerce module
  • Pay monthly or yearly
  • Comprehensive online website statistics

Due to the diverse nature of websites it is likely that the exact services that you are looking for are either not listed here, or you are not sure if it fits your needs exactly. If you contact us we can talk to you in person about your requirements to set your mind at rest.

You are the most qualified person to make changes to your website

We wouldn't entertain the idea that we knew more about your business than you, so we believe that it is always better to create features on your website which you can change yourself, whenever you want, without having to rely on a third party to get round to it. This gives you the freedom to change your site as often as you like without having to consider the cost and without having to wait until your webmaster is back in the office - many of our clients update their sites in the evening or weekends. Your website is open 24 hours a day, so you should be able to change it 24 hours a day as well.

Websites you control

Here are some of the interactive features that we offer:

  • News
  • Events
  • Mailing lists (including mass HTML mailings)
  • Links to other sites
  • Members only areas
  • Forums
  • Editable page text
  • full e-Commerce module
  • Create fully typeset, image rich articles

There are many other interactive features that we have created for websites which are not so easy to explain quickly. All you need to know is that if there is something on your website that you need to be able to adjust regularly we can create the interaction to let you do it. Here are a couple of examples:

Visit the Warfighters website

Warfighters is an electronic military simulation activity which although being similar to Paintball and Airsoft is actually a very different proposition. Strong links with UbiSoft suggest that this concept will be big.

The web site we have created for this exciting project is filled with information about the game, venues and equipment used. There is a large downloadable Adobe PDF section crammed full of posters and other media information.

We have created an easy to use online booking system where customers can secure a place on any game that has unallocated tickets. The site is packed full of features including a forum, full e-commerce secure shopping facilities, photo gallery and news area. As with all our sites this one is designed so that the customer can add and update quickly and easily.

Take a look:


Music Not Mayhem at Safe Concerts is a non-profit website designed to get people thinking and talking about concert safety and the issues that matter to fans and professionals alike.

There is a significant amount of interaction on this site, users can add their own concert and venue reviews live on line, complete a safety survey and get information about crowd safety issues. Bands and festivals are reviewed as are some industry professionals, there are news features, a photo gallery, festival survival guide and detailed information for those who go abroad for a gig. It also has a forum and being added soon is a full e-commerce shop and an ability to buy tickets on line. The focus with the Music Not Mayhem campaign is to encourage fans to move away from the violence and rioting that has been prevalent at many festivals over the last few years.

If you would like more information about Website Design Services then please use our Contact Us page?