e-Commerce Websites - is the competition leaving you behind?

It seems that in this day and age the whole world is selling their products online, so why aren't you?

Perhaps you already have a website and you wish to move it forward and start trading online, or are unhappy with your current e-Commerce site and want more control and interaction, you may be starting your business and may be thinking about utilising the web as your primary source of trading. Whatever your reason, Black Culm can offer you the perfect solution.

The problem with many of the "off the shelf" solutions available today is that they offer the ability to update your own products, but your options for integrating the shop into your existing site and changing the design of these are limited. We believe in offering you unrivalled levels of interaction for your e-Commerce website, which enable you to change anything on the site from a product's description to changing the featured products on your homepage to changing the order of your categories. But the interaction doesn't stop there; you can view all orders that have been placed on the site to print off invoices, look at summaries of your orders, create separate prices for trade customers ... to be honest, the features list is too long to simply précis in a paragraph and as all of our products are written by us and are always being developed they keep increasing. A shortened list of features is available at the bottom of this page.

"Great, loads of complicated screens - I just want to keep it simple"

Everyone thinks that, until they start using any of our Black Culm products when their opinions always change to "I didn't think it would be that simple". Our clients range from martial arts instructors to accountants to software sales engineers to specialist bamboo growers and they all enjoy the simplicity of our solutions.

The e-Commerce module integrates with all of the Black Culm suite of web modules, so you can pick and choose which features you want on your site. The best way to appreciate what the e-Commerce module offers is to actually use it, so take a look at a couple of our existing sites:


Visit the Bytomic website

Bytomic Distribution Limited are major distributors of quality martial arts equipment to the UK and Europe. Black Culm has been working with Bytomic since 2002 and the continual ongoing change and progress on the site has taken it from quite a successful site to one that now attracts over 750,000 visitors per year (that's visits, not hits) generating a steadily increasing percentage of all of their orders, which means that their staff spend less time taking orders by phone.

Our e-Commerce module enables a different price structure to be visible according to the trade or retail status of the customer and our powerful database structure has transformed stock control for the company.

Black Culm handle all of Bytomic's IT requirements, including their bespoke ordering software, catalogue and networking. Bytomic is a market leader in their chosen field and as the business develops and grows so the site changes and challenges us to create new and innovative ways of managing a highly successful and thriving business through creative use of their IT capacity. This is a challenge that Black Culm has thrived on and developed in partnership with Bytomic.



Visit the hardybamboo website  

Hardybamboo.com is the website of the premier, gold medal award winning bamboo and grass growers in the UK, PW Plants. We always pride ourselves in creating websites that we would like to use as a customer ourselves, which ensures that all of our sites have wide appeal and great useability.We loved creating this site.

Hardybamboo is a good example of a large range of our options and how they integrate with each other. It includes dynamically created news, links and events, an active mailing list and randomly generated product images on every page which keeps the site looking really fresh.

Black Culm researched and recommended the domain name, created the complete site from the existing product catalogue and have been marketing the website to increase traffic and sales. PW Plants have gone from strength to strength and it's fair to say that they love the control they have over their own site. www.hardybamboo.com

A brief list of features

  • Add & change your products, categories, colours, sizes, etc. at any time. You will be given a username and password which will allow you to login to the Black Culm control panel to make your changes immediately to your site when you decide
  • Change the featured products on your home page
  • You can choose to upgrade customers to trade status, which means that they can see different prices for all of your products
  • High levels of security stop hackers in their tracks
  • Highlight your products as new or featured
  • Products can be hidden from customers if they are not in stock, and shown again when they become available, just by changing a simple flag
  • Choose to show VAT separately or inclusive
  • Bespoke delivery options including special delivery can be integrated into the module. This can be anything from free delivery to per-product pricing to ranged pricing based on the value of ordered goods.
  • View detailed order statistics for analysis. You can see how your site is performing over time
  • New orders are shown as soon as you log in to your control panel
  • Email all of your customers quickly and easily using the mailing module
  • View complete order histories for customers and any order placed on the site
  • Customers can save their shopping carts and continue shopping later
  • Customers can have multiple delivery addresses and payment methods as they register to create their own customer account
  • Customers can view their order history and order status online
  • A forgotten password facility and online help is available to customers throughout the ordering process reduces support phone calls
  • Order confirmation emails are sent to the customer and you so that you know when orders happen
  • Invoices are created and kept to be printed off at any time
  • Customers can change their details without contacting you
  • Flexible pricing options
  • and much more ...

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