Business Solutions

You know there must be a better way to do it, but don't know where to start looking ...

Talking to us would be a great start. We have years of experience in a wide and diverse range of IT and business areas from manufacturing to typesetting, and we can apply this experience to your problem. Though we are an IT company, we have never lost the focus on providing a solution which will improve your business as efficiently and economically as possible. The bottom line is always what is best for your business, which is why we offer frank and honest business advice not technospeak to get you to have the latest trendy add-on.

What sort of solutions do we offer?

They are as wide and varied as your problems, but we will look into what you are trying to achieve, what is not working and then give you a solution which will use as many technologies as required.

You may need a website which is synchronised with your local sales database to allow your clients to login to their account to view reports and figures online any time of the day or night, which will save hours of phone calls and the cost of collating and sending the reports each week or month.

How about creating your Human Resources policies as an interactive PDF forms on your intranet rather than printing out handbooks for everyone?

You may be looking to upgrade your current range of computers and would like some advice on what you really need to purchase.

Whatever you are looking to do there is a solution, your decision is usually whether the solution justifies the cost, but if we think that the best solution for you is to use another company we'll tell you - and that is our pledge to you.

What we don't do - officially, anyway

We are not network engineers. We understand and have installed networks for companies with a great level of success, and we can offer you advice based on our experience, but this is a secondary service which we offer to existing clients only.

We do not supply computer equipment. We can advise you on which items we believe you will require and recommend a potential supplier, but the purchasing will be handled by you.

Everything else is fair game.

What we always do

We will always offer exceptionally high levels of customer service and will give you the confidence that you can always rely on Black Culm to be there for you.

If you would like more information about Business Solutions then please use our Contact Us page?