High quality e-commerce
websites that you control

We all know the benefits of being able to sell our products online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so why isn't everyone doing it? If your competition isn't already doing it, there is a good chance that they will very soon.

If your online shop fails to impress you will not get a sale - it's that simple. Take a look at the Black Culm e-Commerce module which can build the foundation of your website, or can be integrated into your existing website. Better still, have a look at our list of features, and then see how the module fits into real, working websites that we have created.

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Are you reluctant to give out
your website address?

A potential customer's first visit to a website will form their opinion about the company. If you don't give out your website address then the chances are you need our website design services. We can advise on updating an existing site where you are unhappy with your current supplier, or you have created your website in-House and wish to improve it.

We offer the full range of website services, from recommending and registering domain names, hosting, web statistics and website marketing to radically improving your site's interaction.

Websites that you control

Our speciality is to create features for your website which give you full control over the content of them, from news and events to mailing lists and directories and, of course, the e-Commerce module.

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Have you outgrown your existing database? It's time to update

Databases and the software you run to use the database are supposed to make your life easier. Yes - really.

By automating repetitive tasks and enforcing your business rules you prevent mistakes and ensure that the users of the database can concentrate on doing their jobs.

Doesn't sound familiar? It should

If you spend more time cursing your database than praising it then it is time for a Black Culm database software solution. We take pride in creating software which will save you time, mistakes and will actually cheer up your staff by making their life easier.

We can update and replace most databases including Microsoft Access, FoxPro and SQL server.

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Looking for a solution
to help your business?

Thinking of upgrading your PCs, but don't know what you need? How about trying to automate a manual process which takes large amounts of hours each month? You may even be looking for someone to create a marketing strategy, including a magazine and newspaper campaign. Every company has at least one item in their efficiency wishlist.

Black Culm will talk to you to assess your requirements and offer a solution using our wide range of experience in IT, manufacturing, marketing, design and typesetting.

Sure, we want to recommend a solution that we can offer, but we promise to endeavour to give you the right advice for your business, not ours, and this can even mean sending you to another company.

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